Teach Vietnam Resources

The book by Jerry Star covers all facets of the War from a diversity of perspectives.

Teaches students how to think critically about conflict resolution in international relations.

Teaches students how to reason ethically about moral choices.

Sensitizes students to cultural differences.


Is written, reviewed and classroom tested by a nationwide network of Vietnam War scholars, teachers and veterans. Features more than 200 illustrations.
Includes discussion questions in all units.


Textbook $26.95
12 chapters plus index.
CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Vietnam: Land, History and Culture
CHAPTER 2: America at War in Vietnam: Decisions and Consequences
CHAPTER 3: Was the Vietnam War Legal?
CHAPTER 4: Who Fought for the U.S.
CHAPTER 5: How the U.S. Fought the War
CHAPTER 6: When War Becomes a Crime: The Case of My Lai
CHAPTER 7: Taking Sides: The War at Home
CHAPTER 8: How the War Was Reported
CHAPTER 9: Women’s Perspectives on the Vietnam War
CHAPTER 10: The Wounds of War and the Process of Healing
CHAPTER 11: Boat People and Vietnamese Refugees in the U.S.
CHAPTER 12: The Vietnam War: Lessons from Yesterday for Today

Teacher’s Manual $10.00
48-page Teacher’s Manual Includes projects and activities with reproducible handouts for all units/chapters.

Resource Guide $11.95
Resources for Teaching the Vietnam War: An Annotated Guilde
Edited by Ann Kelsey, County College of Morris, with Anthony Edmonds, Ball State University. Completely new edition with hundreds of new references. Everything a teacher needs to prepare lessons and make student assignments. Includes descriptions and ordering information for books, videos, speakers and other resources.

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