Capital Campaign

Help Us Grow – #OurHistoryOurVets

The only site of its kind in the United States

The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Vietnam Era Museum are dedicated to explaining the history, legacies, and lasting impact of the Vietnam Era. Through ceremonies, programs, and exhibitions, we work with an incredibly diverse community that allows us to explore the complexities of the Vietnam Era in a way that is relevant today. Each year we work with more than 10,000 New Jersey students and teachers.

Our capital campaign will allow us to make critical improvements and repairs to our site. Over the past twenty years, our site has aged and the museum technology of 1998 is no longer engaging or efficient. In addition, as the generation of New Jersey’s Vietnam Veterans have matured, they have donated artifacts, which these Veterans kept as mementos of their tours of duty. We anticipate an influx of donations over the next ten years; legacies we will not be able to preserve and share without enhanced storage space and galleries for interpretation and display.

Please help us reach our $5.2 million goal and ensure that these legacies remain relevant for generations to come.

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