Remembrance Program

Remember Them

From This Day Forward

Our Remembrance Program partners with members of our community to adopt each of the 366 panels every year to honor and remember their sacrifice.

For $1,000 you can honor the brave New Jerseyans who sacrificed their lives for their country who are remembered on the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.
Join us in our commitment to the 1,563 New Jerseyans remembered on the panels of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. By adopting one of our 366 panels for the next year, you will find connections to the individuals whose names are engraved in the dark granite. Reflected behind the names are unique personalities, family memories, and communities deeply touched by their sacrifice.
By adopting a panel for the coming year, you are ensuring that their courage and sacrifices along with their stories are remembered.
Your support is critical to our continued success. Make a real, lasting impact in sustaining the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation. Your gift, along with those of so many others, will demonstrate our steadfast support of our Veterans, their families, and our commitment to remembering their legacies.
Please see the Frequently Asked Questions segment below for details on selecting a panel and more. For additional information, please contact our Director of Development, Jillian Decker, at

Remembrance Program panel donors will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Public acknowledgement (if desired) on all social media Remembrance posts;
  • Acknowledgement on our Remembrance Program webpage;
  • Acknowledgement on our donor webpage and in our Annual Report;
  • Bronze Membership to the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation;
  • Printed biographies of those honored on their chosen panel;
  • Invitation to and notice of all major NJVVMF events and ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our sponsors have a personal connection to an individual on the wall and select the panel  on which their name appears commemorating their date of casualty. Others may select a date that has a personal meaning. If you have any questions about selecting a panel, please reach out to our Director of Development, Jillian Decker, at – we will be more than happy to help you find a panel commemorating a Veteran who connects to you by hometown, home county, family name or birthday.

Yes! If you are interested in setting up a recurring contribution to adopt you panel for a period longer than one (1) year, please reach out to our Director of Development, Jillian Decker, at

All contributions directed towards our Remembrance Program will be tracked and monitored by the Development staff. For every $1,000 benchmark, those donors will be recognized as sponsoring the adoption of an unclaimed panel for the coming year. All donations under $1,000 during the Annual Appeal period (November through January) will receive the photo and biography of a single individual honored on our Memorial to recognize their contribution to the Remembrance Program.