Question and Answer Sessions with our Veteran Tour Guides

One of the most valuable experiences that you can give your students is the time with the best part of our institution, the Vietnam Veterans Tour Guides. The Question and Answer Sessions offers your students an additional hour in either our classroom or in the theater to interact further with the tours guides. They may ask questions of the guides that they have written for homework the night before, or anything that percolates during the general tour. Depending on the size of your you might have the opportunity to hear from two or three additional tour guides. No two experiences in Vietnam were the same, thus making no two tour guides’ stories the same. This will definitely be something your students will take with them for the rest of their lives as a meaningful experience.

This additional question and answer session extends the tour by at least an hour thus making it a 2.5 hour tour for $8.00 or a 3 hour tour for $10.00 per student.

If you are interested in adding this package onto your tour ask our Tour Manager when booking.