Group Tours

Group Tours Aren’t Just For Kids!

A guided tour of the Memorial and Museum offers visitors of all ages unique opportunities to hear first-hand accounts and perspectives about the Vietnam War and Era.

Since 1998, we have hosted thousands of groups from across the region.

Tours for groups including adult, college, youth and scouts can be arranged. These tours can be tailored to include just the Memorial or Museum. We can arrange these tours to meet each group’s unique needs.

Our Vietnam Veteran Tour Guides lead every tour. Group trips to the Memorial and Museum offer unique opportunities to hear first-hand accounts and perspectives about the Vietnam War and Era. Visitors learn about this history of this tumultuous time from those who lived it.

Our tour guides come from all over the state.  Many are retired educators. The factual information provided during tours is greatly enhanced by their personal stories, photographs and artifacts.  When asked what they remember most about their tour, most people say it was the Vietnam Veteran who took the time to share his/her story and the deeper understanding they have as a result.

To organize a guided tour, please call our Tour Manager at 732–335–0033 x108.

You can view some of our Veterans sharing their experiences HERE

What You Can Expect:

Guided tours of the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial and Vietnam Era Museum & Educational Center in Holmdel are available to any group.  These guided tours are led by Vietnam Veteran volunteers who share their personal experiences.  Guided tours must be arranged prior to your visit.

Tours are approximately 2 hours long, but can be expanded up to 3.5 hours.  We are very flexible and can work with your schedule and needs.  Tours can be customized to any age group and learning level.

Please be advised that from March through June we are very busy working with regional students, so guided tours for larger groups may be more difficult to arrange during these months.

Tours for other groups including adults, college, youth, and scouts can be arranged by special appointment.  These tours can be tailored to include just the Memorial or Museum.  We can arrange these tours to meet each group’s special needs. Email Michele Knell or call 732 – 335 – 0033 x 108 for more information.


Group tours have a 15 person minimum charge.

  • 2 hour tour: $7.00 per person, 2.5 hour tour: $8.00, 3 hour tour: $10.00
    • Veterans and Active Duty Military are always free.
  • Extended tours vary from $8.00 to $10.00 per person. Tours range from 2.5 to 3 1/2 hours. If you have an interested and engaged group , we strongly recommend expanding upon our traditional tour.

Download & Print the NJVVMF Group Program Contract

Download the Contract Here

  • Please note that free guided tours of the Memorial are offered the first Saturday of each month from 11:00 and 1:00. Museum admission applies if entered after tour.

Please choose from the links below for additional information.

How To Book Your Tour

Determine bus availability or potential school scheduling conflicts.

Call the NJVVMF office (732-335-0033 x 108) to determine availability of tour times

Once you have received available dates from our staff, return your signed contract and $35 non-refundable deposit to our offices ASAP so we can accommodate your first choice for a tour date. We cannot hold tour dates without the signed contract and your non-refundable deposit.

You will receive written confirmation of your tour and your teacher packet.

Review your packet and use the material provided to prepare your class. Review the “Responsibilities of Teachers and Chaperones” and “Expectations of Students” sheets with both your students and the chaperones prior to your visit.

Allow enough time for your financial personnel to process any purchase orders or perform any other financial procedures. Payment for your tour is due on or before the day of your visit. Come, have fun and learn!

Download the Contract Here

Each year we get thousands of thank you notes from students, teachers and groups. Below are some highights

From Teachers

“North Warren Regional School wishes to express appreciation to the staff at the Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center and to the veterans for making our day at the museum and memorial a wonderful and unforgettable experience. The museum, with the two concurrent historical timelines, offered and excellent overview of the history of the Vietnam Era. The memorial and symbolism around it was breathtakingly beautiful and well planned.

We wish to thank the two veterans for their donation of time to help our students understand this piece of history but even more so to thank them for putting their lives on the line for our freedom and for human rights issues far away.

Please give the veterans these pictures and our appreciation goes out to everyone involved in making this happen.”

-Juliana R., North Warren Regional School

“A very special thanks to you for taking time to escort my students through the Memorial and museum. Your willingness to be honest and not “sugarcoat” your experience in the Vietnam Ear made a lasting impression on the students. This was my second visit to the Memorial and Educational Center, and it is remarkable to me that no matter how much teaching material we access about the sixties era, it isn‘t until we return from Holmdel that the kids can really make sense of it.

In this new era in which we live, the history of our country and our world must be taught to our students in a way in which they can connect and find relevance in the lessons. I hope you know the importance of the history and life-lessons you‘ve given my students.”

-Paula G., Egg Harbor Township High School

From Students

“Thank you for talking to our school about the Memorial and your experiences in Vietnam. The Memorial is incredible and I have never seen anything like it. I really appreciate you taking time to talk to us and explain about the war. It was great for me to learn more about our country‘s history, especially in such a remarkable way.

The letter to and from Vietnam especially caught my attention. I never knew that the war could be so moving and sad. Some of these letters really gave me a great insight into what living in that era was like. One of the letters particularly made me appreciate your time and energy. It was about a woman who was congratulating her son that he would soon be a father. Five weeks later he was killed in a battle.
This gave me a glimpse into how the war affected people of all ages and that it still does.

Before I went on this trip, I really did not have an idea of how hard the war was for veterans. I know now that people are still influenced by the conflict in many ways and it gave me a good understanding of our country‘s history.”

-Laura I., Long Valley Middle School

“You are the living memories of those who fought and died for their country. By the end of the war, the entire conflict was considered a mistake by many. Many of the soldiers, no doubt, had no idea what they were fighting for, dying for. People like you keep the memories alive. And with these memories, hopefully, we will not repeat this mistake. On behalf of the Princeton Day School middle school, I thank you. You have shown me the meaning of both patriotism and oppression.”

-Lon J., Princeton Day School