• bergenfield
  • Bergen
  • August 26, 1944
  • February 05, 1968
  • Army
  • RANK:
  • CPL
  • KIA
  • South Vietnam


Wayne L. Golon was born on August 26, 1944.  His home of record is Bergenfield, NJ.  Wayne graduated from Midland Park High School where he played a number of sports.  He continued his education by studying psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson.  Wayne worked as a therapist at Englewood Hospital.

He served in the US Army and attained the rank of Corporal (CPL).

Golon was killed in action on February 5, 1968.

Wayne L. Golon was born August 26, 1944, on the day his father was boarding a ship from New York to France with the 26th Infantry Division to join Patton's Third Army in France from Camp Shank, NJ.  His father didn't see his son until he was 16 months old.

Wayne was brought up in Midland Park, NJ.  As a freshman in high school he made Varsity Baseball beating out the Senior Catcher.  He starred for four years there and was being watched by a scout from the Cincinnati Reds.  He also played two years at East Carolina College as a Varsity Catcher.  He played Varsity Football at Midland Park High School where they were in a three-way tie for Bergen County Championships. 

Wayne was drafted when he was in his fourth year of college.  He felt that since his father served for four years during World War II, that he shouldn't avoid the draft to complete his last half year of college.  He had plans to be a doctor of psychology.  He completed his three months of basic training at Fort Bragg, NC.  While he was stationed at Fort Bragg he beat out the regular catcher on the Fort Bragg team but the coach asked Wayne if he would play third base because the catcher was a good hitter but could only catch.

Golon was then sent to Vietnam. While driving through the jungle on a mission they were ambushed by the Vietcong.  The soldiers dove into a ditch along side of the road. Under fire he crawled back into his vehicle and manned the 50-caliber machine gun forcing the ambushers to flee.

On February 5, 1968, Wayne was injured and while the medic was working on him a mortar shell landed killing them both. Wayne was promoted from Private First Class to Corporal after he was killed.

Golon is honored in Midland Park where they named a street after him as well as dedicated three monuments.  In Bergenfield, they named a playground after him.  In Mahwah they named the American Legion Post after Wayne as well as another gentleman - The Wayne L. Golon - Alfred Jackson Post 187.  The post consisted mostly of the Ford Assembly Plant Vietnam Veterans in Mahwah, NJ.  When the plant was closed most of the members moved out of the area forcing the post to dismantle.   Golon was also honored at the Armory Post in Lodi, NJ.  This is where his parents were presented with his Bronze Star and all his other medals he was awarded.  In addition, the Government of Vietnam would later send his parents two additional medals honoring his service.

Written by Frank Golon, Father

Sources: Frank Golon (father), newspaper clippings and NJVVMF.


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