Connecting to the 1960s Puzzle Activity

Interested in having your students come to the Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center to learn about the 1960s?

The “Connecting to the 1960s Puzzle Activity” is an optional 45 minute activity that students can use to explore our exhibition during a school trip to the museum. By grounding the important events and figures of the time period into social, popular, and political movements and making them concrete through the use of photographs, primary documents, and objects, students will gain a broader understanding of this complex time in United States History.

How has culture and society in the past shaped the way in which we live today?

Students will be able to use critical thinking to connect pop culture to its influences in shaping history.

Explore the Following 20 Topics of the Vietnam Era

  • Andy Warhol
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Star Trek
  • Sesame Street
  • LBJ’s Swearing in as President
  • James T. Hanlon’s Medals and Patches
  • Walter Cronkite
  • The Chicago Riots and Days of Rage
  • Malcolm X
  • Roe v. Wade
  • Woodstock
  • Jackie Robinson
  • The Graduate
  • Bob Dylan and Joan Baez
  • March on Washington
  • 1969 Mets
  • Rosa Parks
  • John Kerry
  • Space Race
  • National Organization for Women

This add on adds an additional hour to the tour and is available at the additional cost of $34.00.

If you are interested in adding this package onto your tour ask our Tour Manager when booking.

“The Connecting to the Sixties Puzzle Activity is a tremendous way to engage the students in analyzing one of the most volatile decades in American History.  Each pair of students (or 3, or just one) are able to focus on a particular aspect of the Sixties and expand upon what they have found.  It gives every student in the group a chance to speak.  There are no wallflowers in this activity!

– Frank Dunn, Boonton High School Teacher