Andrew Butzko

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Andrew Butzko

Andy Butzko enlisted in the Air Force on December 1st, 1975 six months after high school. His home of record at the time was Matawan, New Jersey. After basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, Andy went to Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois arriving in January 1976. It was there that Andy trained as an aircraft electrical repairman. Following this training Andy went to Mather Air Force Base in California in May 1976. Andy was assigned to Strategic Air Command (SAC) 320th Bomb Wing working on B-52’s and KC-135’s. Andy was medically retired from the Air Force in August of 1978.

Andy Butzko had this to say about volunteering for the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Foundation, “As far a volunteering at the NJ Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial is simple. I feel a kinship to those who served in Vietnam. I always felt that they never got a fair deal. And I use this fact as a talking point while talking to school kids on Veterans’ Day.”

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